Monday, August 6, 2012

Day Full of Fun

I have been so excited lately to be getting pictures from my brides wedding days! I know some of these I have posted on but I have the other pictures from the big day. These are from Allison's wedding day back in April. I have to say these girls were beautiful from the inside out! I enjoyed spending all day with them. :)

Looking back at weddings I have been a part of (as cheesy as this sounds) gives me such a great feeling inside. It makes me so happy that I can help bring a part of their wedding day to life. :) Gets me more and more excited to do the next one. :)

Beauty and the Dairy Farm

Please forgive me, I know I have posted about Kacee many times but I just got a hold of some more of her awesome bridals she had taken on the dairy farm. From what I understand the back drop explains her super well and she looked very comfortable in her surroundings. If you get a chance check out her pics!!

These are just too cute!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

May Bridals: Kacee's Reveal

I absolutely am in love with Kacee's Bridals. Her photographer did a phenomenal job. She took her pictures at a Dairy farm that is not too far from her home.  It was the perfect back drop! I cannot wait until I get to load a couple more, I saw several at the wedding and they are to die for!!

Here is her amazing photographer's website

June Bride 2012: Kacee

Oh my goodness gracious. These last couple of weeks have been CRAZY. Couldn't feel more blessed to be able to have the clients, brides, prom goers entrust me with their make up and hair for their special day. I absolutely love it!

So as you can probably tell I am horrible at the blogging thing and keeping up with it LOL. Well I can finally show off my bride Kacee since she tied the know on Sat. I had a ton of fun with her and her bridal party. The wedding preparations were amazingly stunning from what I got to see along with the girls. I LOVE WEDDINGS. :) 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Oh how I wish I could show you the rest of her pictures but I do not want to reveal her face before her big day. Kacee's hair and make up turned out fabulously! And look at those lashes. They are all hers!! Cannot wait to show off her portraits when they are sent to me. I am super excited. :)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brides of Weddings Past: Melissa M.

It is hard to believe that it has already been a year since I had the pleasure of doing Melissa's hair for her bridals. Now it has almost been a year since her wedding!! Time flies by so fast. Actually I just did Melissa's sister's hair for her wedding last week. She is Allison from one of my other posts. Both girls are beautiful and a blast to work with. The photos up above are from Melissa's bridals and the pictures below are some from her actual wedding day of the flower girl and bridesmaids hair. Enjoy :)

March Bridals: Allison

There is nothing better for me (besides my babies and my hubby of course) then to spend the day with wonderful girls making them feel beautiful on their wedding day. I got to spend all day with Allison and her bridesmaids and we had a ton of fun! Here are some pics from her bridals and I will have more to come from her big day!

Monday, April 23, 2012

April Bridal Pictures: Jessica

Now that Jessica is hitched I can show off her bridals of her hair and make-up! My beautiful bride was incredibly blessed with phenomenal weather on her big day!

Camryn's Prom Do

I absolutely ADORE this time of year. Helping girls get ready and feel beautiful for their prom, bridals, weddings, and special events. This last Saturday April 21 I was able to do an interpretation of a hairstyle I found on Pinterest. She looked beautiful! 

Sunday, March 4, 2012


I wish I would have started this blog eight years ago when I started doing hair so I could have my story all written out ready to show. But I didn't even know how big blogging was (at least to me, ha) until now. I might be a pro at hair and make up but I am def not at this, sooo, hang in there with me. I know this will be a fun journey and I am so happy you have decided to be apart of it with me. :)

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Brides of Weddings Past: Channing Rothwell

It has been almost a year since I have worked with this beautiful bride. All of my brides are special to me, but this one is something else because she is my little sister. I was really excited to be able to do my sis' hair and make up for her bridals and her big day.

Channing isn't one to make a fuss about her hair and make up. She is very laid back so I was able to play around with more of the natural look with both her hair and make up. I love neutrals, golds, and brown tones of eye shadow on pretty much anybody but especially women with blue eyes. It just makes them pop and it def showed in these pictures. I really wanted to doll up her eyes and make that the focal point of her make up. Rule of thumb is if you do dramatic eyes you don't do a bold lip. So I ended up keeping her lips natural with a pink sheer lip gloss. One of my absolute favorite make up line is the Too Faced make up and this is what I used on Channing.

With her hair I wanted to play on the Grecian feel of her dress so I went with a dressed up side pony tail loosely curled and added some beautiful orange flowers for fun conversation. My sister has a natural birthmark on the right side of her hair that has no pigment and we like to show that off when we do up-dos on her so I did a deep part adding a little bit of volume in the crown.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Diary of a Long Hairaholic

I should have started this journal June of 2007 when I started the process of growing my hair out. Once and for all I was going to have long hair for the first time in my life. Well, it has been almost 5 years and I am about a couple of inches away from my ideal length. Yes, you heard me right, 5 loooong years. I was excited at first because I found out in 2008 that I was pregnant. In my mind I was thinking "sweet, prenatals should help, or at least that is what they say." Ha, my pregnancy with my son only made my hair grow slower. Then I found out that I was pregnant again. I was sure this time my hair would grow super fast and I would have my "mermaid hair". Well, Sutton (my daughter) was born on 1/11/11 and she is now almost 14 months old and I am just now close to where I wanna be!!

I never understood why people freaked out when we would take off length of their hair. Now I understand. I freak out when Sam (my husband) takes off and eighth of an inch. :) Which in turn only makes me a better hairdresser because now I understand the importance of and eighth of an inch. :) :)

If someone comes in and says they want to grow their hair out then I say OK. But I also tell them that I will not cut it off, even when they are at the awkward length, because that is where we all bail out on the process. If we would just push through the shoulder/collar bone area it will be smooth sailing here on out. 

As silly as this sounds, I am pretty sure we could start a support group for people wanting to grow their hair out. I will do whatever is in my power to help someone get where they want to go and feel beautiful while they are at it.

Here are a few tips I found useful during my process:

*Get your haircut every 8 to 12 weeks. (If you do not use heat on your hair then you MIGHT be able to go longer). I suggest not cutting it sooner then 8 weeks because you will just cut off what you just grew out. The reason why you want to get it cut that often is when you have split ends and you don't get it cut at the beginning it will just continue to split up the rest of your hair shaft and break off even more. AND don't pick at them....that is a major NO NO!!

*Make sure you are not over processing your hair color wise. That will make the split end process creep up even faster.

*Leave your conditioner on a little longer. I try to wash my hair at the beginning of my shower so the conditioner can sit on longer. Sometimes I will wrap my hair up with the conditioner still on my hair in a turban and watch one of my favorite shows and then rinse it out after so it has a good while to absorb. ***Side note, if you use a hair mask or conditioning treatment that has protein in it do not leave it in longer then what the bottle suggests. We only need a certain amount of protein, if we have too much it can actually make your hair do the opposite and dry and break.

*Peppermint treatments can be your best friend. The peppermint helps stimulate blood circulation in the scalp which helps the growth process. Brushing your hair daily can also help. :)

*Don't fall asleep with your hair wet in a ponytail. When the hair is wet it has more elasticity so it can stretch farther, but when it dries it shrinks and there is no stretch which can cause breakage.

*Use a heat protectant. This is very important to having healthy hair.

*Have a friend that will tell you to keep growing it when you want so badly to cut it off. I was there many, many times throughout this process and since I am partial to short hair it was very easy for me to want to give in!! But I had friends talk me out of it every time.

Last but not least....Have fun with it!! I will try to post pictures throughout the process to see all the different lengths I have been through!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Home Sweet Home

When I imagined mine and Sam's salon suite I imagined it would look and feel like our home. Warm colors, textures, patterns. A place to explain who we were (lol, more like who I am because Sam so graciously lets me decorate however I want. :)) If you have ever been to our house and not our salon you could walk through the building and know for sure which room is ours!

My hope is that my clients, brides, anybody who comes to see me for a service feels at home. Come in sit down and stay a while. I am so excited to be able to work with my amazing clients! Welcome home :)!